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Good For You at SCHOOL

New nutritional requirements for “competitive foods” are coming soon. Will your school be ready?  

Good for you snacks at home and on the go

Get a jump start on the proposed rule by introducing healthier snacks now - before the new rule kicks in.  Good For You Vending can supply your school with a variety of chips, bars, and other snacks that meet the strict proposed nutritional standards that kids actually like!  Rather than taking ALL snacks away because of the new standards, try switching to healthier munchies that taste great.

Here's how it workspopchips

  • Order — Snacks are purchased from Good For You Vending and delivered to the school.

  • Sell — School sells the snacks themselves a la carte or in its own snack bar & set their own prices

  • Profit — Schools continue to generate revenue from snack sales and comply with the new rules

  • Students get healthier snack options to improve overall wellness
  • Parents are happier because students are no longer eating empty-calorie snacks.


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